Boutique Finance and Strategy Consulting

When you want results but don’t have the resources with the skills or experience to be able to complete the task in time, Alpine Consulting can help. Alpine Consulting core skill is in developing and using models: People are great at logical deduction and pattern recognition, but are poor at arithmetic. Models are great at number crunching but are poor at deductions and innovation. Therefore a great model is one that:

  1. Presents and interacts with people in the way people think
  2. Instantly evaluates a proposed scenario with a bottom line calculation
  3. By layout and logic can highlight inconsistencies and fuzzy thinking

Alpine Consulting works in three main areas


  • Business Unit Strategy (including value models at product/business level)
  • Value chain analysis
  • Pricing models (special case of a value model)

Strategy Implementation

  • Simulations for teaching people about strategy
  • Process Analysis
  • Employee reward/bonus schemes
  • Management reporting For Executive/Board reports


  • Valuations (in depth valuation to determine key shareholder value drivers)
  • Merger & Acquisitions (linking operational and financial models to provide in depth understanding)
  • Project Evaluations – project financial models and business cases including sensitivity analysis