November 2018

HVdc Transmission System

Type of Model: Business Financial Planning Industry:                     Electricity – High Voltage DC Transmission Background:               The North West Mineral Provence in Queensland is being constrained by… Read More »HVdc Transmission System

Carbon Sequestration

Type of Model:           Business Financial Planning Industry:                     Electricity – Carbon Capture and Storage Client:                         CTSCo – subsidiary of Xstrata Background:               As part of the Australian… Read More »Carbon Sequestration

Simulation of Electricity Distribution

Type of Model:           Business Training Simulation Industry:                     Electricity – Distribution Client:                         Energy Australia-(in conjunction with BTS) Background:               Energy Australia moved from a state based regulator(IPART)… Read More »Simulation of Electricity Distribution

M&A Railways

Type of Model:           Acquisition Model Industry:                     Railways Client:                         Director of Australian Subsidiary Background:               The client already owned railways in Australia.  State Government put up their… Read More »M&A Railways